We believe that the religion of Islam, which is a way of life, is the greatest gift God can bestow upon humankind. What we aim to do is simply to present Islam in its true form; far from the sensationalization of the media and from the ignorance of those who are ignorant.

In my opinion, the characteristics of the Islamic Faith mentioned herein would provoke you to begin that spiritual journey into Islam.

Islam does not endorse terrorism; it is indeed a religion of moderation. Even though, some who are behind certain terrorist attacks may coincidentally be Muslim, the Islamic faith is clearly against any form of aggression. It’s only on account of one’s ignorance of the Islamic faith that would lead them to any form of extremism.

It must be borne in mind that the actions of a Muslim are not be held against Islam; the question that should be asked is, ‘how carefully are those who do such acts, following Islamic teachings?’